It's been a minute...a LOT of minutes since we've seen our last significant snowfall. It's been 220+ days since Denver has seen its last measurable snowfall and outside of a little dusting we received here in NoCo a couple of weeks back, that's been the case for us too.

According to KDVR

    There really is not a lot of moisture expect with this cold front that's about to blow in but when you've barely had any in months...every little bit is helpful. We here in Colorado are now officially in an extreme drought.


November was one of the warmest and driest on record and while the sunshine and warm temperatures have been nice, we really do need some precipitation to a big way.


So while it's been nice wearing shorts and t-shirts for the past week or so and getting a nice sun tan, reality is about to set in with dropping but more "normal" temperatures for this time of year in Colorado

The big question remains though...will we have a white Christmas? Let's hope.


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