Free Comic Book Day happens every year on the first Saturday in May. This year, it was a huge success across Northern Colorado. The same weekend that Captain America: Civil War dominated the movie box office, local comic book shops across the country and in our community opened their doors to welcome fans both new and old.

Comics are becoming the source for some of the biggest and most lucrative movie and television franchises on the planet. I have mentioned it before, but comics have so much more to offer than superheroes in spandex, not that there's anything wrong with those stories.  Comics have the ability to build in-depth complex universes and backstories that can't be built in a single two-hour movie.

This is why the Marvel cinematic universe has been so successful, along with such television shows as the Walking Dead and the Flash. These franchises have shown that the comic source material has the ability to develop compelling stories that engage a large variety of fans, concerning all sorts of content.

This is evident by the huge and diverse crowds that flooded Northern Colorado comic book shops over the weekend. My family and I saw young boys and girls with their parents, brothers, and sisters standing in line to receive their free comics. Our bags overflowed with Suicide Squad, Captain America, One-Punch Man, Assasins Creed, Pokemon and so much more. We also got to meet several authors and artists of locally published comics. It was a fantastic family experience that should get marked on everyone's calendar.

If you missed Free Comic Book Day, it's not too late to stop by one of the great locally owned comic book shops right here in Northern Colorado. I wrote a story about the top 5 comic shops in Greeley, Loveland, Windsor and Fort Collins. If you want to take your comic experience to the next level, you can read about what celebrities are coming to Denver for this year's Comic-Con.

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