It's the most wonderful time of the year for bourbon and American whiskey lovers as the top 100 American whiskies list of 2023 has been revealed.  Fred Minnick is known at the Bourbon Authority at the Kentucky Derby Museum, teaches bourbon classes, and hosts an array of of private bourbon tastings for convention groups.

You can say that Minnick has a serious love for all things bourbon and whiskey. Each year Minnick releases a list of the top 100 American whiskies. While some of these bottles can be extremely hard to find, some are easily accessible and there are even some on the list that are distilled, aged, and bottled right here in Colorado.

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As a bourbon enthusiast, I am always excited to see what is on the list every year. While I have had a few sips of a portion of the bottles on the 2023 top 100 American whiskies list, there are some that I certainly want to try. Just not at $50 to $100 a pour.

Four Colorado Whiskies Make Fred Minnick's Top 100 American Whiskies List

Take a look at the four Colorado distilleries that made the list in 2023.

Leopold Brothers - Denver, Colorado

Ranking at number 85 on the list, the 6-Year Bottled-in-Bond Rye is the first Colorado whiskey on the list. Leopold Brothers batch 47 is 100 proof and has an MSRP of $250.

AD Laws - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Climbing up the list 20 positions is AD Laws Bottled-in-Bond 8-Year Bourbon at the ranking of 65. This 100-proof bourbon has an MSRP of $80.

Boulder Spirits - Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Spirits ranked tenth place in 2022 with the Cask Strength bourbon and it is back on the list for 2023. This limited quantity release from Boulder Spirits is super tasty and there were only 1,850 bottles produced. Aged for six years and high-powered at 135 proof, you can expect to pay approximately $80 for this bourbon gem made in Colorado.

Distillery 291 - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado shows up again to represent the top 10 in Fred Minnick's top 100 list of 2023. This time the number 10 spot goes to Distillery 291 out of Colorado Springs with its All Rye. 291's All Rye is exactly what the bottle states... All Rye. At 132.6 proof and finished with toasted aspen wood staves, this whiskey is sure to impress at any time of the year.

See the full list of the top 100 American whiskies ranked by Fred Minnick HERE.

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