A salon owner in Fort Collins has garnered thousands of signatures on a petition to keep salons and other businesses closed.

Dre Andrews has owned her salon in Fort Collins for 10 years. She has been following the COVID-19 guidelines and keeping her salon closed. Andrews has two children who are at high risk for the virus, and according to CBS Denver, she went so far as to close her salon even before Governor Jared Polis put the official "Stay-at-Home" order in effect.

Now, Andrews believes that the Governor's current plan allowing salons and other businesses to open on April 27 carries too much risk. She even went so far as to start a petition on MoveOn.org supporting her views, which has received thousands of signatures.

Andrews said this to CBS Denver:

This is too risky and there are too many unknown variables. We’re too close in proximity and there is no way that we can perform a service without touching somebody.


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