With 25 unique breweries, Fort Collins is definitely a beer mecca. It's part of our city's culture, and many residents are proud to be among the always-growing, local craft beer scene. Beer is such a big influence in Fort Collins, so much so, that one of the city's newest housing developments even paid homage to the hops-filled beverage.

Kelsey Nistel/TSM
Kelsey Nistel/TSM

Wanting to honor Fort Collins and its thriving beer culture, Hartford Homes built a Timbervine development, and the juices were definitely flowing when they came up with the street names. With streets like Pale Ale, Pint, Shandy, Saison, Sout, Trappist, Lambic and Lager, it's always a party in this neighborhood. The developer wanted to include Fat Tire and Easy Street too, however, they were both already reserved by a Timnath neighborhood that has yet to be built, and for emergency purposes, cannot be repeated.

Because of his love for Funkwerks, Landon Hoover, the president of Hartford Homes, moved himself into the neighborhood, right on Saison Street.

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