A Fort Collins man by the name of Barry Karcher will be leaving his wife, four children and the comforts of his home to tough it out in the Arctic at a chance to win $500,000 on the television show called "Alone" produced by the History Channel.

This season will take place at the Great Slave Lake that is located in Canada's Northwest Territories. 10 contestants and that last one that remains will win a half a million dollars. Barry is a self-defense instructor who teaches Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Barry has acquired survival and primitive skills over his lifetime and will be using them on the show. He will be able to bring only 10 items along on the trip. Those 10 items are:

  1. sleeping bag
  2. ferro rod
  3. knife
  4. saw
  5. pot
  6. paracord
  7. trapping wire
  8. tarp
  9. bow and arrows
  10. fishing line and hooks

Good luck to Barry! The new season of "Alone" will kick off on History Channel on June 6th.



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