A Fort Collins man is facing multiple serious charges after punching a deputy in the face during a K-9 assisted drug bust.

At approximately 1:30 a.m. Sunday, Wade Holdren, 27, was pulled over by a Larimer County Sheriff's Office deputy on Hickory Street in Fort Collins. Additional law enforcement officers, including a Fort Collins Police K-9 Unit which helped find illegal narcotics in the vehicle, responded to assist.

Holdren pulled away and ran when one deputy advised him he was under arrest and attempted to place handcuffs on him. Another deputy caught him a short distance away, but he resisted and punched the deputy in the face.

The deputy then used fist and knee strikes to defend himself and gain control of Holdren, who continued to resist and struggled with a deputy and officer until having a Taser deployed on him. After additional struggle, he was successfully handcuffed.

Holdren is being charged with controlled substance distribution/manufacture/possession with intent (class 3 drug felony), unlawful possession of a controlled substance (class 4 drug felony), 2nd degree assault (class 4 felony), resisting arrest (class 2 misdemeanor), and possession of drug paraphernalia (class 7 drug offense). Holdren was booked into the Larimer County Jail with bond set at $3,000.

Neither Holdren nor the punched deputy were seriously injured.

LCSO Patrol Lieutenant Joe Shellhammer says assault on law enforcement is a growing problem in the community.

"Deputies are faced with many challenges and dangers every shift," said Shellhammer. "Unfortunately, the number of suspects fighting and resisting deputies is increasing. LCSO saw a 40%increase in resisting arrest incidents from 2014 to 2015."

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