A kitchen fire at the legendary Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant in Old Town in late July forced the restaurant to close, Now, a reprieve from a neighbor.

Until about June of 2022, folks looking to enjoy The Rio will be entering into the establishment currently known as ROVE /Element, which was formally the Mainline location, which was an Old Chicago for decades.

The Rio will be leasing out Rove/Element, at 125 South College, while repairs are made after the fire caused extensive damage to the Northern Colorado favorite.

This will be a different kind of 'pop-up' operation. Normally, pop-ups are about 'fun' and 'trying something new,' this situation is about survival and businesses helping businesses.

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The announcement came with praise from many, including Old Town's Lucky Joe's:

You guys were handed so many difficult hurdles. We can’t wait for you to reopen and kick all the ass. Let us know if you need anything or have some staff that need hours.

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If you've been to The Rio, you know that black beans are a staple of the restaurant, as that's how it all started- with a road trip to Mexico eating lots of black beans and realizing that folks 'up north' were craving good Mexican dishes.

Good Luck, Rio, and THANKS Rove/Element!

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