The state of Colorado is known for many things. People come from all over the world to recreate and sight see all over this great state. We have the mountains for skiing and fishing and climbing. We have so many outdoor venues and historical sights. This is the greatest place on the planet to live.

I have lived here for 30+ years and there are still some things I have never done that this state is known for. Some of these may surprise you. Here are the top 5 things I have never done that everyone who lives in Colorado should do.

5 - Go Skiing - I am terrified of heights and the thought of sitting on a rickety porch swing suspended high above a mountain does not appeal to me at all. Enjoy the slopes but you will never see me out there

4 - Hunting - I respect the rights of gun owners and was raised in a hunting environment but have never actually had a gun and gone on a hunt. I am sure I would have a blast but it is just something that has never happened yet in my life. I've killed a few beers and brain cells but I don't think that counts.

3 - Fly Fishing - I have done plenty of fishing in my days but have never tried fly fishing. I know our mountain steams are a fabulous place to go and have some fun. I would love to learn this some day but for now it makes my list of things I have not done.

2 - Go to Pikes Peak - This is one of the more iconic places and destinations in our state but that seems like a long way up there. Again, I am afraid of heights so I am not planning a trip anytime soon. I have heard there is a donut shop on top though so this may drop off the list before any of the others do.

1 - Visit the Stanley Hotel - This legendary hotel in Estes Park is a stop for about any tourist who visits the area thanks to the movie The Shining. I have driven by hundreds of times but have never actually stepped inside.

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