Sunday is the big day to remember mom. Mother's Day is nearly upon us! I am so lucky to have been raised by the most loving and supportive mother in the world. Mom is still my biggest fan and I love our time together.

I am also so fortunate to be married to a pretty amazing woman as well who happens to also be exactly what a mom should be. She has and would give and do anything for her children. My daughter has followed in her mom's footsteps and is also a SuperMom as is the woman my son was lucky enough to find and settle down with, Miss Kia. They are all strong, powerful, gentle, loving, nurturing and proud women. Perfect examples for our young boys and girls in the family to learn from and absorb their love.

As we pay tribute to mama today I pulled together 5 of my favorite country songs about mama. There have been tons of songs about mama through the years as country stars are very open about their love of mama. Here are a few classics and one new one from Michael Tyler that I feel are just perfect mama songs. Happy Mother's Day to all you incredible moms. Thank you.

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