My favorite part of my job is getting to discover new music and share it with you. Getting to experience a career from it's infancy to stardom is such a fun journey to be a part of and us as fans get to be a part of that. There is so much great new music coming out of Nashville right now and I am so excited about the future of country music.

I am always trying to figure out who are going to be the next big stars. In recent years, I was spot on with Chris Young, Dan + Shay and Old Dominion to name a few. This year I am very confident that I have picked some good ones as well. Here are 5 brand new male vocalists who I think will become part of your musical vocabulary in the coming year.

Trent Harmon - Trent is not new to American Idol fans, as he was the shows final winner, but to a lot of us he is brand new. He has a big hit right now with "There's a Girl" but there is even better stuff coming in the future from this talented man.

Michael Tyler - Michael has already made a name as a songwriter and had some success with his debut single "Crazy Last Night" but is set to fly to new heights with his killer new single "They Can't See". The future is very bright for Mr. Tyler.

Morgan Wallen - Morgan is a great talent and a great dude. I really enjoyed the time I have gotten to spend with him. I had no expectations when I first heard Morgan and was knocked out by his realness and diversity. This guy makes the kind of music I can relate to and love to crank. Look for big things from Morgan and his debut "The Way I Talk".

Devin Dawson - I just had the chance to spend some time with Devin the other day and was so impressed by him personally and musically. There is a lot of depth to this man. There are a lot of singers in Nashville but this man is a true artist. Great lyrics and killer vocals. Devin is uniquely himself and that is a breath of fresh air. Check out "All on Me" and you will feel what I am saying.

Drew Baldridge - Drew is a true performer, This guy commands your attention when he hits the stage. He has such joy in performing that it transfers to the crowd who feel like they have jumped on the 'joy train' that he is riding. Drew is a pure gentleman and a true showman. See him once and you will be sold. He is making some big noise with his sophomore single "Rebound".



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