Fireworks on Friday and Spandex on Saturday, what better way to spend the weekend?

The Colorado Eagles are home once again in the Budweiser Events Center for a weekend that'll make the games even more special than they were already.

Friday Fireworks

Following the first game of the series against the Milwaukee Admirals, the BEC will be setting off fireworks in the parking lot.

With the Admirals coming to town, they will be facing an Eagles crew that just notched two wins on the road against Tucson last weekend - one of which came down to a shootout.

The stellar defense, both on the ice and in the net, will be key for the Eagles when they play in front of their home crowd.

Slap Bracelet Saturday

Now, although I was born in 1998, I still remember slap bracelets. They were one of the best prizes to get at the end of the week when my elementary teachers would let us choose gifts based on good behavior.

And honestly, at 23, still pretty exciting.

The first 2,000 fans at the BEC will receive a slap bracelet, and everyone in the arena will experience a turn-back-the-clock night full of 80's-themed music.

Again, the Admirals will have to face the Eagles on their home ice, and the pressure will truly be on.

While the Eagles and Admirals haven't played each other since 2020, there's one stat that is for sure to be at the forefront of each team's mind: the Eagles won three of their four games against Milwaukee in the 2019-20 season.

The Eagles will have Cal Burke, Mikhail Maltsev, Trent Miner, and Hunter Miska back as all four have been reassigned to the Eagles from the Avalanche taxi squad.

With a strong roster and a current three-game win streak, the Eagles are sure to put on a show for a jam-packed promotional weekend.

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