It seems like a perfectly good name for a ship to me, Boaty McBoatface. The Natural Environment Research Council is taking the vessel to Antarctica in 2019 and they have asked for the public's help in naming it. Right now, the #1 choice is Boaty McBoatface.

According to News Europe:

Royal Research Ship Henry Worsley is the 2nd most popular name.  He is the explorer who died trying to make the first unassisted solo crossing of the Antarctic in January. Other ideas include RRS David Attenborough, RRS Usain Bolt, RRS Boat, RRS Pingu and RRS It's Bloody Cold Here.

The NERC could overrule any of the names selected. I hope they don't.

You can suggest as many names as you wish, with a short explanation why, on-line by April 16 this year.

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