I'm a big believer that small things add up to make a big impact.

Here we are in another week of quarantine as we all look to fight this novel coronavirus. I think we've all felt just about every single emotion. We've all felt scared, sad, anxious, angry, bored, etc. And if you're like me, you've felt helpless. So, rather than sit around with a woe-is-me mentality, I'm giving myself a schedule, challenging myself to new projects and trying to help out others.

We can make a big change with little actions.

It occurred to me that I can have an impact on others around me during this time while still distancing myself. I've been choosing different small business to make purchases from and posting about them on social media. These are businesses that are owned by family or friends. Now, I may not be able to pay all of their bills with one purchase, but I can certainly show them support and maybe help get the word out a bit in my own circle.

I believe this tiny act could snowball into something bigger.

You can say I have my head in the clouds, but there is a big part of me that believes if I can make an impact on my immediate circle, then they can turn and do the same thing. Their impact could encourage someone else to help their circle and so on and so forth. You see how this can start to make a bigger and bigger impact.

And you know what? Not only does this help the other person, it helps you too. I believe we are social beings and we are connected. Doing good for others can change our perspective and do wonders for our mental and emotional health.

There's that famous quote from Fred Rogers that is posted all over social media anytime there is chaos around us. His mother told him growing up to "look for the helpers" anytime he was scared. It's time for us all to be the helpers, both for ourselves and others.

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