Whether you can only stand your family for five minutes or for five days, I think we can all agree that no one should be alone on the holidays. That's why Townsquare Media partnered with Carrie's Cause, an organization that helps to bring a healthy dose of holiday cheer to seniors in nursing homes by delivering poinsettias and a friendly face to their door.

We arrived at the North Shore Health and Rehab Facility just before 10 a.m., where a handful of volunteers and North Shore staff had gathered to unbox the 70 flowers we'd brought to give to the residents. After loading our flora onto 2 carts, the staff encouraged us to chat with the men and women we met whenever we stopped by with flowers, as the holidays can be a bit lonely for those whose families don't have the wherewithal to visit.

Then, once we'd decked ourselves out in hats and flashing necklaces (because if you're going to be the bearer of holiday spirit, you know you better go big or go home), we split up into two groups and walked the halls of North Shore. We met people who were over 100 years old, people who'd been singers and bull-riders, people who'd traveled across oceans to be in America today-- the only commonality between them was that they were all polite, appreciative and endlessly sweet when they found us knocking with flowers and silly necklaces.

It seems like a small thing, bringing people flowers on a Thursday morning. But doing so felt big in the way that I imagine holidays are meant to be.

If you have the time and/or money, you can donate to or volunteer for Carrie's Cause here. You can also check out the photos from our visit below.

Townsquare Cares: Carrie's Cause

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