Have you ever sent a quick text while driving?  I know I have, more times than I like to admit to.  A family dealing with the grief of tragic loss hopes that sharing their son’s story will prevent future accidents caused by texting and driving. The Heit family and Greeley Police Department wish to share the findings of a recent car accident investigation in hopes that other families may avoid the tragedy and loss of a family member. 

22-year-old Alexander Heit of Boulder was involved in a single vehicle, rollover traffic accident on the outskirts of Greeley on April 3rd. He was  transported by ambulance to North Colorado Medical Center where he died a short time later.  Heit was in Greeley studying Audiology at the University of Northern Colorado.

Heit had been traveling eastbound on “O” Street from 35th Avenue, on a turn with a very narrow, dirt shoulder and a steep drop.  Witnesses stated he seemed to have his head down, and began drifting into the oncoming lane of traffic.  A westbound vehicle slowed and moved over just before Mr. Heit looked up.  As he did, he jerked the steering wheel hard, over-correcting, resulting in his leaving the south side of the roadway, rolling and flipping the vehicle.


As officers investigated and searched the accident scene they discovered Heit’s cell phone in the vehicle.  Visible on the display was a text message conversation with the last received text being at 5:16 p.m.  There was a partial response typed below, but it was never sent. Heit had a spotless driving record and was not speeding.

It is important to note that all drivers are prohibited from texting while driving in the state of Colorado.

[Greeley Police Department]

Alexander Heit's Final Text
Courtesy of Greeley Police Department

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