The Department of Human Services received complaints of a Colorado Springs daycare housing too many children recently. On November 13, DHS and Colorado Springs Police Department conducted a welfare check at the daycare named Play Mountain Place, located at 838 E Willamette Ave.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

When officers arrived at the daycare, no children were at the facility of license. The owner, Carla Faith, did not cooperate with DHS and CSPD during the initial interaction. Officers could hear the noises of children coming from the home. Officers found a false wall leading to the home's basement. Upon entering the finished basement, investigators found two adults and 26 children under the age of three.

The adults working the daycare were arrested for misdemeanor child abuse relating to neglect. Those charges have been canceled by detectives upon further investigation.  Officials are looking into appropriate charges for the owner, Carla Faith.

DHS swiftly suspended the license for the daycare and the investigation is ongoing.

Source: KKTV

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