An explosion at Elkins Distilling in Estes Park has sent two to the hospital, according to CBS Denver. Authorities state that the explosion occurred at around 9 a.m. Saturday morning.

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At least one wall and the roof of the building has been severely damaged in the explosion. Details as to how the explosion occurred have not been released. One victim of the accident was airlifted to North Colorado Medical Center's Burn Unit in Greeley. The other was taken to North Colorado Medical Center's Burn Unit by vehicle.

Elkins Distilling is located in Estes Park off of Highway 34 at 1825 North Lake Avenue.

Distilleries are considered an explosion threat as grain particles in the air can be highly flammable.

Elkins considers itself the first legal distillery operating in Estes Park.

Elkins makes a corn whisky and a special Colorado whisky by using oak cubes and staves. The distillery makes specialty varieties too, including apple, honey, cinnamon and a winter whisky featuring cinnamon, orange peel, honey and crushed almonds.

Source: CBS Denver

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