It was on this date back in 1977 that the King of Rock n Roll left this earth. I will never forget the feeling I had that day. It hurt like nothing I had felt before. I sat and listened to his records and watched his movies for days.

It is no secret that I am a huge Elvis fan. I used to spend every penny I ever had buying his music. I love Elvis and wanted to be like him. He was why I grew my hair and wanted to be a rock star. Elvis defined cool. He made some great music and believe it or not actually made some good movies too. Yes, he made some stinkers too but there were some good ones in there. Here are my 5 favorite Elvis movies.

Kid Galahad - Elvis played a boxer and a young Charles Bronson was one of his sidekicks. Being a fight fan I loved seeing my hero in the ring.

Loving You - This was the first Elvis movie I ever saw and I fell in love with the Deke Rivers character. This was the movie that introduced us to the hit "Teddy Bear".

King Creole - Elvis' first few movies were his best in my mind and this one is one of the unheralded gems of those early films. This was a very good movie with some great music and a surprisingly excellent performance by Elvis as an actor.

Jailhouse Rock - Many consider this his best movie. That is hard to argue. This had a good script, great music and fine performance from the King.

Viva Las Vegas - This is my fav of all time. The music, the dancing and pairing Elvis and Ann Margaret were a home run for me. This one made me laugh and sing. That was what an Elvis movie was all about.



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