An elk got into a cold, wet situation in Golden, Colorado last week and needed the help of humans to safely be rescued. According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, a young elk fell through the ice at a pond and needed to be pulled out.

Jefferson County Animal Control officers called on the help of Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Foothills Fire Protection District to get the elk out of the pond near the 22600 block of Anasazi Way on Friday, March 1.

The three agencies working as a team used ropes to pull the elk out of the frigid waters. Once the elk was successfully recused from the pond, the elk was placed on its chest and rested until it regained its strength.

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The rest and recovery of the elk once it was out of the water took about an hour before it was able to stand up and walk away. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office posted a video of the recovery of the elk out of the pond on Twitter:

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office ended the tweet with a quote from Jane Goodall while praising all agencies involved in the rescue of the elk from the icy pond.

Having respect for animals makes us good humans.

Source: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Twitter

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