Well this week whipped through in record time, especially if you had Monday off. Now, we can get ready to kick back and enjoy another weekend. But, we have to enjoy the weekend properly. You know what that means, heading down to the Downtown Depot Friday after work and enjoying food trucks, beer and live music. The music part is pretty top notch this week, too. Let's dive into that.

My Blue Sky

Hailing from Colorado, this band positions themselves as a band that "honors The Allman Bros Family Of Bands". So you know this is going to be good. How much great music comes from the Allman Bros family of bands? A ton. You know it all. When you have a band that tours doing that style of music, you know it's going to be more than a cover band. They're going to bring it.

I don't know about you, but these guys seems to be able to command a crowd, right? It's one thing to be able to perform, but it's another to connect, and it looks like My Blue Sky has that covered.

Bunny Blake

Get excited for Bunny Blake! She describes her self as.

 influenced by the vocals of Mariah Carey and Mary J Blige with the guitar styling of James Taylor and John Mayer.

She has a great sound, I'm also inclined to think she has a Lily Allen vibe to her. For me, that's awesome, Lily Allen is one of my favorites. She's not just an awesome songwriter, she can make a cover her own, too.

Wow, what a voice! She's going to bring it Friday night! Don't miss out on Bunny Blake!

Don't forget all the fun that goes around Fridays On The Plaza and give some love to the Depot Museum as they're slinging beers. What a great way to give back. If you want to check out the full lineup for this year's Fridays On The Plaza, you can find that here.


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