Doorbell cameras are a great way to keep your home safe, know when your packages arrive, greet people at the door, and more. One doorbell camera in Arvada captured shocking footage of a neighboring home being struck by lightning.

According to KDVR, Amanda Strawn and her mom took cover after the home was struck by lightning on Sunday afternoon. Initially, Strawn thought a tree was going to come down on the house.

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While Strawn and her mother stood outside the home, a neighbor informed her that her house had been struck by lightning and the incident was caught on video.

Damages to the Home After the Lightning Strike

Strawn told KDVR that many things in her home have been damaged. Some of the damage includes a broken TV and burn marks outside of the home. The lightning strike also left the wi-fi, thermostat, one power outlet, and a garage door in non-operable condition.

It appears that the lightning strike initially hit the tree and then moved to the drainage system. Currently, Strawn does not know the full extent of the damage due to the lightning strike on her home.

According to the National Weather Service, approximately half a million lightning strikes hit the ground every year in the state of Colorado. Overall, Colorado is ranked 19th in the nation when it comes to cloud-to-ground lightning strikes.

Source: KDVR

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