Clothing, merchandise, the late Beth Chapman's personal bounty hunting gear and other items were stolen from Dog the Bounty Hunter's Shop in Edgewater.

Priceless family mementos were also taken. This grab and go resulted in thousands of dollars worth of items lost from the Chapman family. This store is the only place to get official merchandise.

Beth's passing away was devastating to the family so it's no wonder that the family is extremely disheartened with the loss of these items.

Now new concerns come as bootleg merchandise has made its way on the market and GoFundMe accounts are asking fans for money for Dog and Beth. Though Dog says the family is not looking for any money from their fans.

Dog wanted to leave Beth's things as they were, and wanted to keep keepsakes that fans brought to the family after Beth's passing.

Edgewater police are investigating, and Dog has offered a large cash reward for information on the burglary.

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