Police in Lakewood rescued a dog from a car that had an internal temperature of 134.6 degrees - Yeah – in April.  It was this past Saturday when the outside temperature was just 80 degrees.

Officer Lee Cruxton says "We find that people generally go by how they feel. When they step outside, they go -- 'oh, it’s pretty cool.' The fact is, as long as there is sunshine, pretty consistently throughout the day, you’re going to get that greenhouse effect inside your car."  Also,

What we're trying to work towards is just getting people to leave their dogs at home.

It's easy to think that, when it's early Springtime, we just saw snow not long ago, and it doesn't feel too hot outside, that it must be perfectly fine to leave a dog in the car.  It's good to be reminded now that that's not the case at all!  From this report, if it's more than 50 out, best not.

Last year, Governor Hickenlooper signed into law that it's legal to rescue a dog from a hot car; but, there are some other things that have to be in place as well.  Read about that here.

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