I mean, the world does run on caffeine, right?

Coffee is a wonderful thing. It gives us the boost we need in the morning. It's flavor can transport us back to our favorite memory. It can be our therapy. One thing is for sure, there is a lot of magic in that cup.

So what's your go-to order?

From cappuccinos to nitro cold brew, there are a gazillion different ways to have your coffee. I like finding out how someone takes their coffee or what they order at a coffee shop. I feel like I know them a little better with this information. It's also a great thing to know about your boss in case you need to suck up a bit with their favorite order one morning.

That being said, WorkWise Software was able to determine each state's favorite coffee order based on searches online. For the state of Colorado it's a nitro cold brew. By definition this is cold brew coffee that comes from a tap, just like the beer we love so much in Colorado. With the nitrogen gas adding pressure to the coffee traveling through the valve, you're left with coffee that is creamy and stout-like in consistency. It's basically beer coffee, without the alcoholic content.

What's your go-to order?

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