Etch-A-Sketch came out in 1960; it’s a fantastic $10 toy!  It even has its own holiday-- ‘National Etch-A-Sketch Day’ on July 12th.  This past Etch-A-Sketch Day, a man in Berthoud did a sketch of Berthoud’s popular City Star Brewery!  It came out great-- and there’s a time-lapse video of the process!

I stopped in the other day to one of my favorite local micro-breweries/taprooms- City Star in Berthoud. While enjoying a tasty Six Shooter Pale Ale, I glanced over at this Etch-A-Sketch they have set up. Seemed odd, but a closer look—‘Oh wow! It’s a sketch of City Star!’

This guy, Eric Conrady, knows how to work the knobs!  It’s very cool!  I can’t even make a plain old house. Plus, this Etch-A-Sketch was used when folks in Lyons got together to set a Guinness Book Record- ‘The Most People Sketching The Same Thing At The Same Time

What’s the most intricate thing that you’ve ever sketched?  Did you enjoy a craft beer afterwards?

City Star Sketch
Dave Jensen, TSM

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