The Good Morning Guys put on another successful Habajeeba show this year, complete with hilarious comedy routines, a fantastic line-up of country artists, and also some audience involvement and participation in a few games.

One of our favorite parts of the night, that had us laughing so hard we cried, was the Match Game. After choosing two random audience members, ironically both named Dave, a competition was set up between them and all of the country artists that were present at the show. Participants had to match the correct answer with what the Good Morning Guys were referring to in a statement, ultimately resulting in some pretty hilarious comments from the boys.

We loved seeing the friendly rivalry between the guys of The Cadillac Three, Dan + Shay, and Chase Bryant, and the witty answers that they came up with to outdo each other during the game.

Relive all of the fun that was had during the Match Game by checking out the full video here.

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