Have you ever formed an opinion on something based on what you have read on the internet or Facebook. I think we all have done this. We are very quick to just read someones take on something and accept it as fact. You see it on Facebook all the time. How many times has Morgan Freeman died or the word gets out that Facebook is going to start charging for use unless you do this or that and your friends post it as the truth without taking a minute to look into it and see it is a bunch of hooey?

We do this so often. Right now there is an uproar over anything political. Do you really know anything about the issues personally or do you just base your opinion on what others are telling you? That is like living your life based on religious beliefs but never read the book.

Let’s make a vow to start looking into things for ourselves before we believe it or form our opinions. Look it up and do a little research, it may confirm what you thought or you may be shocked at what you find out.

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