Colorado loves Disney and you could tell at the packed Ball Arena all weekend, as Disney on Ice took over the Mile High City. Here are some awesome pictures we took.

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Pictures From Disney On Ice Road Trip Adventures In Colorado

I don't remember if Disney on Ice was a thing when I was a kid... Even if it was, I never got to experience its awesomeness until I was all grown up. Now that I have a few of these under my belt, I feel like I can give you a fair assessment and safely say that this current Disney on Ice show was the best one I've ever seen.

How Was Disney On Ice Road Trip Adventures?

With a name like "Road Trip Adventures," my family and I were super stoked to see who this new Disney on Ice show was going to bring to Colorado. We were not disappointed.

You'll Love These Pix From Disney On Ice In Colorado

Disney on Ice Road Trip Adventures was one of the best, if not the best performance of Disney on Ice that we've ever seen. Here are some pix we took from right next to the ice.

Here Are 35 Amazing Pictures From Disney On Ice

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