Why is this guy hanging over the edge of a boat with a helmet on? Check out the video to see one huge adrenaline rush.

The Riverland Dinghy Derby takes place in Australia and has been going strong since 1981.  The race is about 56 miles long and it's a flat out barnstormer to the end in these souped up 30 horsepower skiffs.

The race started like most races do. Two guys made a bet that they had the fastest dinghy on the Murray river and off they went. The race today now has over 60 teams comprised of a driver and a guy who hangs up front for weigh distribution for turning and to keep the front of the boat in the water due to the horsepower. Keep in mind, these boats are running about 50 mph which is flat our cruising for a little rowboat.

Teams have to race in the narrow swampy mayhem dodging underwater logs, trees over the river and who knows what else gets in the way, like maybe a crocodile or two?

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