Remember back in the day when Denver Broncos fans used to call Raiders players criminals? Yeah, I remember. However, it seems like the tables have turned and Raiders fans can now rightfully call the Denver Broncos criminals.

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When it comes to arrests, the Denver Broncos have more than double the number of arrests of players compared to the Raiders. In fact, the Denver Broncos are one of the top teams for the number of players that have been arrested since 2000. According to, the players of the Denver Broncos rank second in arrests out of all the NFL teams.

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The total number of arrests of Denver Broncos players comes in at 54. The team with the most arrests is the Minnesota Vikings with 55. We're nearly tied for first place for the team with the most arrests.

Houston Texans v Denver Broncos
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Brandon Marshall played for the Denver Broncos from 2006 to 2009 before being traded to the Miami Dolphins. Brandon Marshall scored 25 touchdowns with the Denver Broncos. Marshall also earned the title of "Denver Broncos Player with the Most Arrests of the Century" with four total arrests.

The team with the least arrests of its players in the span of 22 years is the Houston Texans with a total of 16 arrests. Followed by the Los Angeles Rams with 18 and the Detroit Lions with 19 arrests.

It may come as a surprise to any Denver Broncos fan who used to call the Oakland, now Las Vegas Raiders criminals that our team has had more than double the arrests. In fact, from 200 to 2022 the Raiders have only had 25 player arrests. The Denver Broncos division, AFC West, has had a total of 146 arrests between four teams.

Total Arrests Among Other NFL Divisions

These totals have been compiled by

  • NFC West - 109
  • NFC North - 134
  • NFC South - 115
  • NFC East- 97
  • AFC North - 149
  • AFC South - 129
  • AFC East - 106

According to, the position of NFL players that have been arrested the most have been wide receivers with 158 total apprehensions. DUIs also have accounted for nearly a third of the arrests of NFL players.


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