Technically, Denver did have a new prohibition in place in 2020, which lasted for all of two hours during the COVID-19 shutdown; but these temperature records go back to THE prohibition in the 1920s and 30s.

Spring in Colorado can be a little crazy. That's why we keep flip-flops and snow boots by the door.

Recently, after beautiful warm days, Denver saw record low temps for the month of April; records which shattered those which had stood since the Prohibition era of 1933.

The record low for April 13 in Denver was 17°, set in 1933; it's now 15°, set in 2020.

The record low for April 14 in Denver was 15°, set in 1933; it's now 11°, also set in 2020.

In addition, Denver's 'second' prohibition happened on March 23, 2020, when Mayor Hancock called for a 'total' shutdown due to COVID-19 that lasted for two hours before it was amended to exclude 'select' liquor stores.

I'd say breaking those old records deserves a drink.


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