The DeLorean DMC-12's were a true symbol of the 80's with it's cool gull-wing doors and sporty look. The Back to the Future trilogy helped with The DeLorean time machine used for time travel by Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly. If you are a fan of the car, get ready for a nostalgia intake when Totally 80's Pizza in Fort Collins hosts a DeLorean show August 14th, 2016.

There is good news for fans of the DeLorean, hoping it makes a comeback. According to Wikipedia, DeLorean Motor Company has announced they will begin production of the popular DMC-12 for release later in 2016 with a starting price of $100,000.

Join us for the largest Delorean Show in Colorado. On display for one day only we will have rare Delorean and Back to the Future memorabilia on display from the Totally 80's archives. Bring your cameras and your favorite Delorean/BTTF fan.

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