A 1995 Subaru Legacy covered in dentures, toothbrushes, and baby doll heads has arrived in Fort Collins.

The car, which I found parked outside Jason's Deli, is a mobile art exhibit featuring 70 pounds of dentures and partials, 70 pounds of dental impressions, and dozens of empty toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, dental tools, and other items related to dentistry (though, I'm not sure where the creepy baby doll heads come in...but they were definitely there).

Owner Rex Rosenberg of Great Bend, Kansas, owns the car, which his sister purchased in 1999. In 2004, Rosenberg made a life-changing trip to an art car show in Hastings, Nebraska, after which he knew he'd be a part of the art car world in some way, shape, or form. So he bought the Subaru from his sister - which at that point had been totaled in a hailstorm - and began going through several ideas for decorating his soon-to-be-dental-masterpiece.

Rosenberg turned to eBay for many of his decorations. Surprisingly, he was able to buy a number of dentures through the site from a dental student. Another man donated various dentures and dental molds to Rosenberg, and soon other donations of dental tools came in. He also bought a "large number" of individual teeth used in making dentures, and went on to win an auction of 75 pounds of recycled dentures.

Man, that's a lot of dentures - and that's not even all there is! Read Rex Rosenberg's full story and see more photos of the ChewBaru art car at ChewBaru.com.

Fast forward to today, the ChewBaru travels to different car shows all across the country. You can even print off a post card with a photo of the ChewBaru and send it to your friends and family. It also occasionally ends up in front of Jason's Deli because, well, Rex Rosenberg's gotta chew - er, eat.

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