Sometimes it can be hard to admit to oneself that we are truly getting older. Especially when people we’ve known all their lives do things like get married, or have babies of their own...or appear on Jeopardy!

Rochelle Mitchell Miller
Rochelle Mitchell Miller

My form of “hey you’re getting older” smacks me in the face tonight as I watch my niece’s husband-to-be compete on Jeopardy. Not only is my niece old enough to get married, she’s old enough to be marrying a man WHO IS ON Jeopardy (not the teen or kids or college version either.)

I have to say that getting to know this quiet man has been a challenge. See, my sister and I and now my niece like our men smart and quiet. I’m married to a brilliant engineer (have I ever mentioned that My James is an engineer, designing microprocessors? He's also German and I am Choctaw Indian-but I guess that's another blog, ha), and my soon to be nephew-in-law is an “actuary”. My sister and I had to look  this profession up when they first started dating. An actuary is a numbers person, usually working in statistical insurance data, like he does. (I'm not really I still understand fully)

Even though he’s very smart, and marrying my very smart niece (she has two masters and is 25, what???? true story), the only thing that really matters is that he treats my niece as a man and prospective husband should. She is his queen and his biggest prize, I could not have hoped for a better match for her.  So no matter how well he does tonight on Jeopardy, America's Favorite Quiz Show (watch Michael Shapiro at 6 pm. on KMGH-7) I can't give anything away, but he taped the show last month and he's on for three days, again debuting tonight. Amongst all else, Mike is determined, he has tried to get onto Jeopardy since high school, he is living proof that dreams, with drive, do come true.

I’ve determined it’s definitely OK for our kids and family to grow up as we grow older, as long as we keep getting to meet really great people like Mike. My only regret is that you only get to meet him on the famous Jeopardy game show, there is so much more to this great and incredible man, I am very thankful for getting to know him. (Also, he can color a mean Easter egg!)

Rochelle and I have been close friends for 17 years and have become family, sisters and two souls that will forever be a part of each other. You are not always born into family, sometimes family has a way of finding you and I am grateful that Rochelle and I found each other.

Amanda and Mike live in Denver and will marry in September 2014, will they have honeymoon money, hmmmmmm guess you should watch Jeopardy tonight. :)

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