I get more grief from my kids for watching the Food Network while I workout. What's wrong with watching Paula Deen making brownies with caramel and pecans while logging miles on the Elliptical?


Why is it wrong to watch Guy Fieri travel the country finding the best monster cheeseburgers or crazy good Italian dishes? OH, because I am at the gym working off the cheeseburgers I have had in the past? I guess I can see what you're saying. But really from my point of view... bring on the ooey gooey cheesey dishes and tempt me with nearly illegal barbeque.

I don't keep any secrets from you... I am a lover of food! I like cheese, burgers, fried chicken, pot roast, all kinds of creamy soups, chile rellenos, subs, mashed potatoes, french fries and gravy... If I were to eat all of these things without hitting the gym, well now... that would not be pretty. Give these foods up, yea that could be an option and is an option for some, but I would rather spend an hour with Guy at the gym.

But why watch food while working out, two reasons... I, as you know, love to cook. I get many recipe ideas from watching cooking shows and I am reminded, when a workout is difficult, that it's push through it or no cheesy dishes for you D! :P

When I met my husband he said that he would rather watch what he eats more closely than be someone that goes to the gym so that they can eat. I didn't realize it, really, at the time that he said it, but I am that person. My eating rarely changes, I eat well mostly. There is a lot of chicken in my weekly meal planning and tons of green veggies. I seldom include starches in my meals and when I do they are usually very portioned controlled-this is how I have been for about 7/8 years. I make my own sauces to cut down on additives and sodium and rarely use anything that comes in a package. The times in my life where I have gained 5-15 pounds in the last 7/8 years have been when I couldn't or didn't go to the gym regularly. So, I make a mindful effort to go to the gym and still today, I don't go nearly as much as I should.

Watching food doesn't make me want it more... there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of something full of naughty goodness and if I turn the tv off, those thoughts will still be there. I enjoy cooking, watching cooking, eating... I LOVE FOOD! So next time you're at the gym and the woman in front of you is watching the Food Network, it might be me, maybe after our work out we can go get a burger?! LOL

Note: The gallery pictures are not that attractive, wow, do I really look like that while working out? I guess it could be a lesson to all women who spend a lot of time picking the right "workout outfit", in the end when you are working it, it doesn't matter. (thank you to my daughter Ashley for taking these pictures of me)

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