The Colorado State University System Board of Governors announced the approval of a new, five-year contract for CSU President Tony Frank. Dr. Frank is a well-respected figure in higher education and it was important for CSU to retain his services so he couldn't be lured away by another major college.

CSU Board of Governors Chairman Joe Zimlich said had some good things to say about President Frank.

“He has an ambitious vision for CSU, and we wanted to demonstrate to Tony that the CSU System and Board fully support that vision. Tony’s leadership is having a profound impact on both the university community and the state of Colorado. We’re pleased to offer this new contract to Tony as part of a strategic effort to ensure that he’ll continue to serve as CSU’s president for the foreseeable future.”


Tony Frank's new contract  runs through the end of 2017. His base salary in 2013 will be $450,000 annually, with $25,000  increases set for 2015 and 2016.My wife and I figured Dr. Frank will work 2080  hours in a year if he works a 40-hour work week. With a base salary of $450,0000, he will make $215.35 per hour or $3.60 per minute.
Here are a few items Tony Frank could buy with a year's salary:
  • 120,000 Tall Mocha Frappuccinos from Starbucks at $3.75 a piece
  • 300,00 Cokes from CSU vending machines at $1.50 a piece
  • 25,000 CSU Men's Basketball tickets at $18 a piece
  • I have a coupon for an $8.95 hair cut at Supercuts. Dr. Frank could get 50,279 haircuts at  that price if he didn't leave a tip.

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