Not only are COVID-19 cases on the rise in Larimer County, the percentage of positive coronavirus tests is rising among almost all age groups within the county.

As per reports from the Loveland Reporter-Herald, Larimer County Public Health Director Tom Gonzales stated that the county is "seeing the trend of an increased positivity in just about all ages" in a county commissioners meeting on Tuesday (Oct. 27).

In the Tuesday night meeting, Gonzales placed much emphasis on the need to lower the current COVID-19 case numbers in order to prevent increased restrictions that were once imposed on the county.

A key factor when looking into the severity of the amount of COVID-19 cases is the percentage of tests coming back positive - the lower the percentage, the better.

According to Gonzales and other health officials, a benchmark percentage of less than 5% has been put in place to determine the severity of the amount of cases in the county.

Larimer County was able to maintain a cumulative percent positivity below 5% throughout the summer; However, on Tuesday (Oct. 27), the county's percent positivity rating was 4.5%.

“Unfortunately, our percent positivity has gone up fairly sharply in just about every group,” Gonzales said. “That’s very concerning. It’s not just one specific age group. It’s not just one specific thing that’s causing this increase in our case rate.”

The Loveland Reporter-Herald said that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is giving Larimer County two weeks from last Friday (Oct. 23) to bring its numbers down before evaluating their Safer at Home status, which dictates the level of statewide restrictions that will be mandatory for the county to follow.

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