As we gear up for Fourth of July, what's more "all-American" than pie?

My name is Jess and I'm a lover of pie. Aside from feeling like pie is the ultimate American dessert, I was raised in a tiny town that was known for its apple pie. In fact, we had an entire festival dedicated to apple pie. It's one of my favorite desserts, served warm or ice cold with a big dollop of whipped cream or ice cream.

*mouth starts to water*

This long holiday weekend there will certainly be pie in my house. Ok, I'm lying... there's already pie in my house. However, it's not Colorado's most iconic pie so I may have to make another pie run. Food Network created a list of the "50 States of Pie" filled with popular and unique flavors.

Colorado's top pie is the "pot" pie.

No, not the savory pie filled with chicken, veggies and gravy. This pie is baked, both literally and figuratively. Since marijuana is legal in Colorado, people have been finding really creative ways to infuse cannibis into more products, like gummies and brownies. And now there's pie.

Food Network also noted that the best place to get a "pot" pie is at Sweet Grass Kitchen in Denver. Their recipe for cannabutter-infused shortbread is so popular that they distribute their scratch-made pies to more than 400 dispensaries. Have you had a "pot" pie?

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