There's a new pilot program called "Drift" near Denver International Airport (DIA).

This program lets you lend your car to make money while you are traveling.

Just in time for spring break. Say good bye to spring broke, cause this is EASY money.

"Drift connects local travelers who own cars with people who need to borrow a car. Parking is free and you may make some money while you are on your trip." -Alex David, General Manager of Drift and Michael Osborn President of Drift

 Here’s how it works:

  • Download the easy-to-use Drift platform to share or use a car.
  • Once you register on the platform, dropping or picking up a car takes less than 5 minutes.
  • If you’re sharing your car, you’ll take it to the USAirport lot for a quick inspection.
  • If you’re using a car, you’ll take a free shuttle from the DIA for a quick check-in process.
  • Your car will be washed and cleaned before it is shared and again before it is returned.

Now the question is: Are you comfortable enough with strangers so let someone randomly use your car while you're away? For me that's a hard pass.

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