It was a perfect illusion.

The world has been enthralled by moons lately - from the supermoon to strawberry moon, blood moon to harvest moon. Now we have the black moon, but Colorado isn't going to see it.

Friday night's new moon is called the "black moon" because the sunlit side of the moon will face away from earth, so all we'll "see" is the moon's shadow side.

Joe Rao of tells USA TODAY the black moon occurs about once ever 32 months. "There really is nothing to see," he said.

AccuWeather says the last black moon occurred in March 2014.

So when can we NOT see Friday's new moon? The black moon officially occurs at 6:11 p.m. MDT but will take a few more nights before we'll see the moon looking more like the moon as we know it when the crescent size increases.

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