One Denver woman woke up to a random woman who found her way into her home sleeping in her living room this week. According to KDVR, Chloe Riggs got a text from her new roommate asking who the woman was that was asleep behind their couch.

Chloe left her room and found a woman asleep using her yoga mats as a blanket. Chloe told KDVR that the unwelcome woman was still asleep, but she didn't know if she was on drugs, going through withdrawal, drunk, or had a mental illness.

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Chloe then called the police. When the police arrived, the two residents then started looking over the home. This is when they discovered that the woman probably walked through an unlocked door and spent numerous hours inside the home.

The woman ate their food, had some drinks, and all the lights in all of the rooms were on too. It appears that the wandering woman even turned on the light to the sewing machine.

Chloe and her roommates made the decision to not press charges on the wandering woman and are taking the entire experience as a learning lesson to be sure to have the doors locked from here on out. Chloe says "everything feels tainted and not safe. It's going to take some time" she recalled to KDVR after the incident.

Source: KDVR 

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