Colorado has over 300 days of sunshine each year, but current weather data says that July 18 will be the most "perfect day of the year." Here's why.

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Why Will July 18th Be The Most "Perfect Day Of The Year" In Colorado?


Some would argue that almost any day in our great state of Colorado could be classified as "perfect." If you don't feel that way, that's where the old saying "If you don't like our weather in Colorado, just wait five minutes" comes in.

While we're lucky enough to have an amazing 300+ days of sunshine a year, we get our fair share of crazy weather as well, so it can be extremely tough to make plans outdoors. You just pick a date and pray. Current weather data has been used to pinpoint the "most perfect" weather days all over the country and Colorado's is coming up.

Our friends at looked at 36 years of analyzing data and have predicted that the best day to make plans in Colorado in 2022 is on Monday, July 18. What do they base that prediction on?

  • Date with the most predicted sunshine
  • Date with the best temperature
  • The longest day of the year

The prediction comes from an average of the following dates. June 21 was the date with the most sunshine. Sept. 12 is predicted to have the best temperatures in Colorado, and the longest day of the year was June 21. Those three factors helped them land on July 18 as being the day of all days to get out and enjoy the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

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As seen in the interactive map above, each state has a different day, but all of the states surrounding Colorado are happening within about one week of each other. How do you feel about the Family Destinations Guide's prediction of July 18? Will you be making plans based on their weather data?

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