Dogs are amazing creatures. They're loving, loyal, and smart. At least most of the time, while my dog (who I love with all of my heart) was in our backyard licking rocks like a little idiot, I came across this video from the Weld County Sheriff's Office that showed off one of their K-9's in training rappelling down from a second story window to go after a bad guy.

Check it out:

Facebook/Weld County Sheriffs

Pretty cool right? Just call her "Spider-Dog." The K-9 named Kenzi was learning some new tricks and tactics from officers while at the Rocky Mountain Tactical Team Association get-together in Park Meadows.

The Weld County Sheriff's Office has six working K-9 teams in its unit. The dogs are certified in sniffing out drugs along with sniffing out and capturing bad guys and gals.

Training is pretty rigorous and understandably so as these dogs and units have very tough jobs and important ones at that.

In addition to Kenzi, the Weld County Sheriff's Office has five other dogs on the squad. They're names are Rok, Loki, Dexter, Ranger and Viper.

YouTube/Weld County Sheriffs


Not only do these dogs work with their handler, they live with them as well so the bond between officer and dog is extremely strong.

A big thank you to these officers and K-9's, along with all of the others in our area for all of the hard work they put in and for everything they do to keep us safe.

We appreciate our men and women in law enforcement 100 percent.

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