It's the best time of year for Colorado's Scenic and Historic Byways. Why? Cause it's the time of year you can actually enjoy them safely.

The state of Colorado is home to a couple of dozen byways. They are some of the prettiest miles you will ever put on your vehicle. The guide below will take you through all of the most beautiful roads in the state.

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How Many Scenic Byways are in Colorado?

In all, Colorado is home to 26 Scenic and Historic Byways. Over the years the United States Secretary of Transportation Office has designated 13 of these roads as America's Byways. This gives Colorado more nationally recognized byways than any other state. We got the most beautiful roads, y'all!

Which Scenic Byway Reaches the Highest Elevation?

The Mount Evans Scenic Byway is by far the highest roadway of the group at 14,130 feet. That's only 20 feet higher up than the Pike's Peak Highway.

Which Scenic Byway is the Longest?

The Colorado San Juan Skyway is by far the longest of Colorado's byways at 232 miles. The loop takes you from Ridgway to Telluride, down to Dolores then Cortez, over to Durango, then up the Million Dollar Highway to Ouray.

Which Byways are Designated as America's Byways?

Colorado River Headwaters BywayFrontier Pathways Scenic and Historic BywayGold Belt Tour Scenic and Historic BywayGrand Mesa Scenic and Historic BywayLariat Loop Scenic and Historic Byway, the San Juan SkywayTop of the RockiesTrail Ridge Road/Beaver Meadow RoadSanta Fe Trail Scenic and Historic BywayTrail of the Ancients, and Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway are all byways with National Designation.

Explore All 26 of Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways

Colorado is home to 26 amazing and beautiful scenic byways. Scroll on for a glimpse of each of them as we navigate Colorado's most beautiful roadways. Summer means peak driving season for many of the byways so it's time to hit the road.

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