Colorado is absolutely filled with amazing natural landmarks and attractions. The state is home to world-famous natural wonders like Garden of the Gods, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, and Colorado National Monument, to name a few.

However, one natural landmark in Colorado is not necessarily famous for its natural state, but rather for the graffiti that has been sprayed all over it.

Keep scrolling to check out Colorado's Rainbow Falls.

Location of Colorado's Rainbow Falls

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Rainbow Falls is located in an absolutely beautiful part of Colorado, just outside of Manitou Springs and just up the road from Garden of the Gods:

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However, unlike Garden of the Gods, Rainbow Falls is most famous for what humans have done to it.

Colorado's Rainbow Falls AKA Graffiti Falls

If you ask a local of Colorado Springs or Manitou Springs about Rainbow Falls, there's a good chance that they'll mention it by its nickname, Graffiti Falls. That's because the area is totally filled with colorful graffiti.

While driving up to Rainbow Falls, you'll follow a road consisting of red dirt, much like Garden of the Gods. The closer you get, the more small waterfalls you'll begin to see.

However, you'll also begin to see more and more graffiti.

You'll know you've arrived at Rainbow Falls when you see a giant bridge filled with spray paint. The surrounding rocks also have graffiti all over them, as does pretty much every area surrounding the natural waterfall.

Take a virtual tour of a Colorado landmark known as Rainbow Falls:

Colorado’s Rainbow Falls is Famous + Named for Colorful Graffiti

Check out Rainbow Falls, also known as Graffiti Falls, a natural landmark in Colorado that gets its name from the massive amounts of colorful graffiti.

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