Colorado's labor department wants to exempt workers from overtime pay by gradually raising the salary threshold.

The Division of Labor Standards and Statistics proposed a new Colorado Overtime and Minimum Pay Standards Order (COMPS).

The order clarifies and expands worker coverage, unless specifically excluded.

Kiowa County Press reports that "the proposed salary threshold puts Colorado in line with a proposed Obama administration salary threshold of $47,476 that was ordered in 2016. The current federal salary threshold is $35,568 for workers to be exempt from overtime".

The proposed order states that management workers making $42,500 or more are exempted from overtime pay.

Kiowa County Press reports that "the threshold would be $57,500 by 2026".

Agricultural workers are exempted to the new order under federal law.

The center estimates that 185,000 workers would be affected by the rule changes, Kiowa County Press reports.

A public hearing for the order proposal will be in December with the adopted rules in January.

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