When winter rolls around in Colorado, the state becomes the premier place for snow-based activities. The cold weather doesn't stop Coloradans from getting out and about and enjoying the unique attractions found throughout the region. Some of Colorado's coolest destinations are only accessible during wintertime, allowing for epic adventures unlike anywhere else in the world.

One example is the world's largest mountaintop snow fort, which is currently located in Colorado's high country.

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For the past several years, Keystone Resort has been home to this impressive structure. The massive mountaintop snow fort is 10,000 square feet and more than 35 feet tall. It covers a quarter acre of land on top of the scenic Dercum Mountain and features slippery slides and snowy tunnels, pretty walkways, plus perfectly carved lookouts for guests of all ages to enjoy. This year's fort also includes an ice bar and an indoor ice cave.

The interactive work of art took two weeks to construct. It was designed and built by Snice Carvings. Keystone’s snowmaking and mountain operations department also helped to complete the structure.

An Epic Ski Pass, Keystone lift ticket, or foot passenger ticket is required to ride the River Run Gondola to reach the fort. However, no additional admission fee is required to explore the fort.

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Keystone’s Snow Fort will be open as long as snow conditions allow. Last season, the snow fort remained open until mid-April. At the end of the season, the snow from the fort will be repurposed for Keystone’s summer snow tubing hills.

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