If you have ever lived in a "one-plate state" it can be really hard to get used to putting that front plate back on your vehicle when you move to a state that required both front and rear plates.

Is Colorado a "two-plate state"? What happens if you are driving around with only one Colorado license plate? Should you care? Yes.

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Is a Front License Plate Required in Colorado?

Yes, it is. Colorado requires valid plates to be displayed on both the front and rear of the vehicle. Both the cities of Denver and Boulder make a regular thing out of pulling people over who do not display a front plate in Colorado. Do not let that happen to you.

What Happens If You Don't Have a Front Plate in Colorado?

Driving without a front plate in Colorado is a Class B traffic infraction. You'll likely get a ticket if your vehicle is registered in the state, and that ticket can cost you between $15 and $100.

What Does the Law in Colorado Actually Say?

Click here to download a PDF of the Colorado Driver handbook which lays out the state's laws about license plates. Section 7.9 focuses on Colorado license plates. This section states that no motor vehicle of any kind is allowed to be parked or driven on a public street or highway unless it is properly registered in Colorado and displays both a front and rear plate. You must also carry the vehicle's registration card when operating it. Plates are to be displayed horizontally and at least 12 inches from the ground. Plates must be kept clean and visible.

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