Fashion trends can come from many inspirations. What celebrities wear, popular trends, but what about fish? Oddly enough, you can get the look of your favorite Colorado fish thanks to one state agency. Of course, if that is your thing.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife not only protects and conserves the parks and wildlife in the state of Colorado, they are now giving you fashion advice. If you want to find fashion inspiration in Colorado, you might want to take a look under the water at some of the native fish.

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I am no expert on fashion by any means, but I do have to say that Colorado Parks and Wildlife have nailed the looks of these three fish with specific outfits. We're positive you going to get hooked on these styles.

Greenback Cutthroat Trout Fashion

Bravo, Colorado Parks and Wildife. This is "spot" on.

Kokanee Salmon Fashion

This outfit gives off not only the look of Colorado's Kokanee Salmon but fall vibes too.

Yello Perch Fashion

I would have to say that this one is probably my favorite. While I would never wear something like this, I can see the inspiration from the Colorado Yellow Perch in all of the elements that create this outfit.

The only thing that is missing from these Colorado fish-inspired outfits are earrings made out of fishing lures and flies. I would love to see a salmon egg necklace to go along with the Kokanee Salmon outfit. But that's just me.

Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter

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